Published: 05/02/2019

A Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth

You do not have to live with a full arch of missing teeth thanks to solutions like All-on-4® dental implants in Dallas, TX. Many people do not think about implants until they need them, and so they might not know much about the process. Dr. Vikram Gandhi and the team of professionals at Firewheel Dental Implants and Periodontics want to help you understand what to expect before you show up to your visit with the periodontist.


The first step in any treatment should be a consultation. Dr. Gandhi will talk with you about your needs and make sure that dental implants are right for you. Not everyone qualifies as a candidate for this type of treatment – you will need sufficient bone structure and the ability to undergo the surgery. Once you are deemed a good candidate, you can start the next step.


If you are receiving a full arch of prosthodontics, then the remaining teeth in the arch may need to be extracted first. In addition, some patients may require a bone graft before the implants can be placed. In both cases, patients will also need to heal before Dr. Gandhi places the implants. Our team will also ensure your custom teeth are ready for your procedure beforehand.


Procedures like this typically include sedation. Dr. Gandhi will place four implant posts into the jaw bone to support the artificial teeth. You will need to follow your post-op care instructions carefully as the implant posts heal and fuse to the jaw bone. Not following instructions could put the implants at a higher risk of failure, so be sure to ask any questions if you have them and listen to Dr. Gandhi and his team.


Always keep your checkups following a procedure. This will help our team to monitor any issues that may come up and increase the success rate of your implants.

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