Minimally Invasive Treatment Restores Health to Your Smile Line

Gum recession is a common concern among many patients, and often the result in periodontal disease, misaligned teeth and parafunctional habits. The process of gum tissues pulling away from your teeth and receding down the length of the root opens the gateway for other oral dangers, leaving your teeth unprotected and your appearance changed. Like many, you may be hesitant to proceed with gum recession treatment due to fear of discomfort or an extended healing period. However, the advent of modern technology presents the Allen Technique – a minimally invasive way for Dr. Vikram Gandhi to restore your smile and gum tissues to healthier levels, all without the need for large incisions and often no sutures.

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Alternative Treatments for Receding Gums

Rejuvenate Your Smile with our Alternative Gum Grafting Treatment

Dr. Gandhi offers you the opportunity to rejuvenate your smile and gum health with the revolutionary Allen Technique. Eliminating the need for taking a gum graft from the roof of your mouth, he utilizes donor tissues that are extremely safe to use. The Allen Technique delivers immediate cosmetic and health improvements to the gum line, and is designed to treat multiple sites within one convenient appointment.

Improving Periodontal Health Through Advanced Techniques

Always seeking to improve periodontal health by performing effective, innovative procedures, Dr. Gandhi remains up-to-date with exciting, proven techniques through advanced training and continuing education. His extensive research with AlloDerm, along with his commitment to bringing you and your loved ones the latest in high quality, minimally invasive periodontal care, are among the many reasons he remains distinguished within the profession. For comfortable, expert periodontal care, trust your oral health and your smile to Dr. Gandhi.

Discover the Benefits of the Allen Technique

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • No large incisions & often no sutures required
  • Multiple sites treated in a single visit
  • Immediate cosmetic results
  • Little-to-no pain
  • Minor post-operative discomfort
  • Minimal healing period
  • Covers and protects exposed root surfaces
  • Very few contraindications
  • Appropriate for those suffering from harsh diseases

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