How Do All on 4 Dental Implants Compare to Natural Teeth

Published: December 27, 2019

They’re the next best thing to natural teeth. With dentures on one side of the spectrum and natural teeth on the other, dental implants fall much nearer to natural teeth than to conventional, adhesive-supported dentures. Take a look at just how favorable All on 4® dental implants compare to natural teeth in appearance, function and […]

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How Does a Periodontist Fix a Gummy Smile?

Published: December 18, 2019

Too much gum, not enough teeth – if you’ve thought this to yourself as you looked at a picture of yourself, you may have overgrown gums. Gum disease and even some medications can inflame the gums and cause them to take away real estate in your smile from those pearly whites. But an experienced periodontist […]

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Can You Grow Back Gum Tissue?

Published: December 12, 2019

As gum disease progresses to periodontitis, it’s advanced stage, it starts to eat away at the gums and teeth. Eventually, the gum will begin to recede and teeth will look like they’re getting longer. On top of that, periodontitis can’t be reversed – it can only be treated and kept in check. But what happens […]

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How Do Dentures Compare to Dental Implants?

Published: December 6, 2019
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All on 4 Dental Implants: Where Value and Performance Intersect

Published: November 29, 2019

It’s true. There are a few dental implant options that are better than All on 4 dental implants. It’s also true that there are many more teeth replacement options that don’t even come close to the reliability and stability of All on 4. Resting right at that sweet spot of cost efficiency and performance lies […]

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How Much Will It Hurt Having Dental Implants Placed?

Published: November 26, 2019

You expect some moderate discomfort from having a tooth pulled, but should you also expect a moderate level of pain from having a tooth or teeth placed? While a tooth extraction entails removing a tooth that’s usually rooted in the jawbone, dental implants work the opposite way: your dentist will insert replacement teeth into your […]

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Ways a Periodontist can Help Get Your Gum Disease Under Control

Published: November 25, 2019

You may hardly notice that first drop of blood shows up in your spittle while brushing. But a bit more of it, and it might send you into a panic. However, there are lots of things a periodontist, a doctor specializing in treating gum disease, can do to help you keep your gum disease under […]

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Is a Gum Graft the Only Way to Treat Gum Recession?

Published: November 8, 2019
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How All on 4 Dental Implants Compare to Traditional Dentures

Published: October 24, 2019

All on 4 dental implants are one of the most cost-efficient options for replacing missing teeth with dental implants. Traditional dentures are considerably cheaper in cost than dental implants, but they provide considerably less stability than dental implants. Take a look at how conventional dentures compare with All on 4 dental implants to find out […]

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Full Arch Dental Implants

Published: October 21, 2019

The success rate of dental implants continues to rise, increasing the likelihood that each new dental implant patient will keep their restorations in for the rest of their lives. However, diligence in your daily dental routine is still required if you want to keep your dental implants in for the rest of your life. Take […]

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