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Used to address teeth lost to periodontal disease, decay or injury, dental implants are artificial tooth roots placed into your jaw to support a replacement crown, bridge or denture appliance. Implants are generally considered to be the best method of replacing missing teeth, and happen to be a specialty of leading periodontists and implant dentists, Dr. Vikram Gandhi and Dr. Harvey in Garland, TX. Each implant case is unique and receives Dr. Gandhi’s undivided attention, from comprehensive review of medical history to a thorough discussion of your treatment goals, outcomes and expectations. Your path to a brilliant, confident, lasting smile begins with dental implants.

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Dental Implant Benefits - Garland, TX

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Dental implants are intimately connected with the gum tissues and underlying bone in the mouth. experienced periodontists, Dr. Gandhi and Dr. Harvey are experts specializing in precisely these areas, and an ideal member of your dental implant team. He works closely with general dentists and other specialists to create healthy, functional, beautiful replacement teeth that feel and look just like your own.

The dental implant procedure is a team effort between you, your general dentist and Dr. Gandhi or Dr. Harvey, who will collaborate with you to determine the implant procedure right for your oral health. Depending on your specific condition and the type of implant chosen, Dr. Gandhi or Dr. Harvey will create a treatment plan tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?
    The ideal candidate is in good general and oral health, has adequate bone in the jaw to support the implants and enjoys a healthy oral environment free of active periodontal disease. As an experienced implant specialist, Dr. Gandhi and Dr. Harvey have helped many patients meet these optimum criteria, performing special procedures when necessary to enable successful implant placement. Whether you require preparatory services like a sinus lift or bony ridge modification, rest assured Dr. Gandhi and Dr. Harvey have the advanced training and skills to expertly prepare the foundation of your new smile.
  • What to Expect After Receiving a Dental Implant
    As you know, your own teeth require conscientious, meticulous home care and regular dental visits. Dental implants are like your own teeth and will require the same care. To keep your implant clean and plaque-free, and your smile healthy, thorough brushing and flossing still apply!
    After treatment, Dr. Gandhi or Dr. Harvey will work closely with you and your general dentist to develop the best maintenance care plan for your specific situation. Periodic follow-up visits will be scheduled to monitor you implant, teeth and gums, ensuring a lasting, vibrant smile for years to come.

Oral Consequences of Avoiding Implant Placement

Unlike other tooth replacement methods, implants integrate with the jaw and provide the necessary stimulation for healthy bone tissue, much like your natural teeth. Without this action, areas of tooth loss inevitably succumb to bone loss, a situation incurring a cascading effect of additional oral complications. Choosing implants to replace your teeth now saves you a great deal of time, money and stress over your oral health in the future.

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Dr. Gandhi and Dr. Harvey’s passion for periodontics and implant dentistry is evident in each procedure he performs, and the dental products he trusts for your oral health. Having acquired extensive experience in successfully placing hundreds of dental implants, he has achieved gold status with Nobel Biocare® Dental Implants, a leader in high-quality implant solutions.

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