Published: 05/12/2017

If you have been thinking about getting a dental implant perhaps most of the advantages you have learned about relate to the way your mouth will look after the implant has been placed. Although those are substantial, an implant can also positively affect the way you speak. Since May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, there is no better time to contact our office and schedule an appointment with Dr. Vikram Gandhi to discuss dental implants in Garland, TX.

Teeth Help You Form Words and Sounds

Teeth play an important role in the way humans speak because they help us create the various parts of language. Whether you are simply saying “Mmm!” after tasting a forkful of freshly cooked spaghetti or speaking to your friend about plans to see a movie, it is harder to do both those things if you are missing one or more teeth.

Missing Teeth Can Cause a Loss of Clarity

Listen to a child try to speak after he or she has lost a baby tooth and you may immediately hear how the lost tooth interferes with speech by making it sound garbled. Some kids may also have trouble saying certain letters or words because the missing tooth makes them have lisps.

In adulthood, your decision to get a dental implant in  could help you effectively deal with some of the embarrassing speech issues related to tooth loss. After you choose to replace one or more missing teeth with today’s dental treatments, you may experience a confidence boost that makes you feel more at ease when you are at work and spending time with family or friends.

During your appointment, Dr. Gandhi will explain all the associated benefits of dental implants.  This way you are a well-informed patient and enjoy a greater understanding of the available treatments for tooth loss. Be proactive about your missing teeth and contact us today.

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