Published: 11/29/2019

all-on-4 dental implants dallas tx

It’s true. There are a few dental implant options that are better than All on 4 dental implants. It’s also true that there are many more teeth replacement options that don’t even come close to the reliability and stability of All on 4. Resting right at that sweet spot of cost efficiency and performance lies All on 4 dental implants. Take a look at what makes All on 4 such a great, all-around value.

Comparison with Removable Restorations

All on 4 dental implants are a full step-up from implant-supported dentures, which are, in a sense, the hybridization of the formula for conventional dentures and dental implants.

Though implant-supported dentures offer much more support than conventional dentures, which rely on adhesives to stay in place, All on 4 dental implants are fixed. They’re locked into place and tensioned by screws, delivering more support and reliability than hybrid dental implant solutions. Implant-support dentures, by comparison, often snap into place.

Comparison with Fixed Bridge Restorations

Though a high-performance option, All on 4 dental implants don’t sit atop the pecking order. That distinction goes to fixed, zirconia bridges.

Like All on 4, fixed zirconia bridges are non-removable teeth replacement options. But instead of using a full denture per arch, or row of teeth, this high-end option entails using several zirconia bridges per arch. On top of that, the bridges are all supported by more than four dental implants per arch. For example, six dental implants may be placed per row with bridges each affixed to two implants.

The harder, more durable restoration and the additional implants push the biting and chewing power of fixed zirconia bridges closer to that of natural teeth than any other type of restoration currently available.

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