Published: 09/09/2019

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Even when you get your temporary teeth for your dental implants, before your permanent dentures, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in your quality of life. However, many of the same issues that created a need for All on 4 dental implants can also hurt your candidacy for them. Find out what you’ll need in order to be a strong candidate for All on 4 dental implants as well as the things your dentist can do to improve your candidacy.

What Makes for a Strong Candidate for Dental Implants

Gum disease and tooth decay precipitate the need for dental implants. But if they continue to go untreated, eventually they’ll rule out dental implants.

So here are a few things that make a person a good candidate for All on 4 dental implants:

  • A sufficient amount of jawbone remaining in order to support implants
  • A good immune system that can fight off bacteria while your jawbone heals
  • Availability to tend appointments periodically, throughout the year
  • Note: Age is not a factor.

How Your Dentist Can Improve Your Candidacy

Even if you’ve suffered severe bone loss, there are several options your dentist may offer to help improve the viability of dental implants for you:

Bone graft – if you’re dealing with severe bone loss, your dentist can graft new bone into the areas of the jawbone where you’ll receive your All on 4 dental implants in Dallas, TX.

Sinus lift – the sinus can begin to sag in the mouth with age, taking up space required for placing dental implants. Your dentist can tuck the sinuses back to make way for your implants.

Antibiotics – your dentist will review your medical records and may check with your primary care physician to determine if you’ll need to increase your antibiotics along the road to getting your dental implants.

Education – knowing how to care for your dental implants will increase the amount of life you get out of them. Your dentist will give you post-operation instructions, along with long-term guidance on how you can keep your dental implants free of complications over the years.

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