Published: 02/24/2020

all-on-4 dental implants dallas tx

You don’t have to wear dentures to get a good idea about how unstable and reliable they can be – it’s well known. By comparison, All on 4 dental implants have become renowned for their stability and reliability they deliver to those with missing or failing teeth. To get a better idea about what makes All on 4 dental implants so great, it can be helpful to compare them to conventional dentures. So take a look at how All on 4 dental implants and conventional dentures compare, and then keep the conversation going by consulting with a local dentist in the Dallas area.

The Difference

What sets All on 4 dental implants apart from conventional dentures is the same thing that sets natural teeth apart from dentures. Like the roots of natural teeth, dental implants are embedded in the jawbone to leverage the full support and force of the jaws. Conventional dentures, on the other hand, rely on oral adhesives and frames.

Here’s a closer look at how dental implants leverage the jawbones for stability:

  • Planted in the jawbone – the screw-like dental implants are inserted into tiny boreholes drilled into the jawbone
  • Osseointegration (fusion) – over the months following placement, the implants fuse with the jawbone through a process known as osseointegration.
  • Dental restorations – with the dental implants healed and fused to the bone, dental restorations are affixed to the tops of the implants. Restorations may be dentures, bridges or crowns.

The Benefits

The superior support of the dental implants affords All on 4 several significant benefits over conventional dentures, including the following:

  • Eat what you want – no need to cut up your food anymore. With All on 4, your teeth will do the cutting and chewing for you.
  • Speak unimpeded – no need to worry about your dentures slipping and distorting your words
  • Clean naturally – cleaning All on 4 dental implants is more akin to brushing natural teeth than scrubbing and soaking dentures.

More About All on 4 Dental Implants in Dallas, TX

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