Published: 10/24/2019

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All on 4 dental implants are one of the most cost-efficient options for replacing missing teeth with dental implants. Traditional dentures are considerably cheaper in cost than dental implants, but they provide considerably less stability than dental implants. Take a look at how conventional dentures compare with All on 4 dental implants to find out which route is best for you.

How They Compare

Ultimately, they share the same goals. Conventional dentures and All on 4 dental implants are both designed to replace missing teeth by restoring both function and aesthetics. How they achieve those goals is another matter.

Here are some of the many ways All on 4 dental implants are better than traditional, suction- or adhesive-based dentures:

  • Compared to traditional dentures, All on 4 dental implants provide more stability for chewing, biting and grinding food
  • They won’t shift in your mouth and cause your smile to look asymmetrical as a result
  • They won’t randomly slide out of place and distort your words
  • They have the potential to last you the rest of your life
  • They require less daily maintenance than conventional dentures
  • You don’t have to take them out at night before you sleep
  • There’s less pressure on the gums, and much less discomfort as a result
  • It’ll be incredibly difficult for strangers to tell that you’re wearing prosthetic teeth

Why All on 4 Dental Implants Are Better

What makes All on 4 dental implants so much better than conventional dentures is the way they stay in place. Conventional dentures rely on adhesives and suction in order to adhere to the gums and provide a stable enough foundation for the cutting, chewing and grinding force you need for eating.

All on 4 dental implants, on the other hand, leverage the support of biocompatible titanium posts implanted into the jawbone – similar to the way natural teeth are rooted in the jaw. After a few months of healing, the titanium posts will fuse with the jawbone, providing both stability and reliability that comes closer to the support of natural teeth than any other type of restoration – by far.

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