Published: 11/26/2019

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You expect some moderate discomfort from having a tooth pulled, but should you also expect a moderate level of pain from having a tooth or teeth placed? While a tooth extraction entails removing a tooth that’s usually rooted in the jawbone, dental implants work the opposite way: your dentist will insert replacement teeth into your jawbone. Take a look at how much pain, if any, you can expect from having dental implants placed and get a better idea of how the process will work.

Anesthesia Takes the Pain Away

A little bit of anesthesia will go a long way in ensuring that your dental implant placement surgery is pain-free. After that initial prick to the gums from the needle, you’ll almost immediately start to feel the numbing effects. From there, you won’t feel much more than a moderate amount of pressure as your dentist works to place your new dental implants.

Managing the Pain after Surgery

After your implant placement surgery is complete, your dentist will go over aftercare instructions that’ll you need to follow closely in order to ensure that your recovery is as free of pain and setbacks as possible.

These are some of the things our doctor will recommend to best care for your new dental implants in the days following surgery:

  • Bite down on your gauze until your implant sites clot.
  • Keep your head elevated to keep pressure off the clots. Use pillows to prop up your head when you get ready to sleep.
  • Ice the implant sites to keep the swelling to a minimum.
  • Take painkillers as directed to keep both the swelling and discomfort down.
  • Get plenty of rest to keep the healing process on track.
  • Be especially gentle when cleaning the implant sites during the early days.
  • Avoid hot drinks, for the first day at least.
  • Take any prescribed antibiotics as directed to avoid an infection.

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