Published: 02/28/2020

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If no one can see that it’s missing, should you really invest money in trying to replace a missing tooth or two? You can certainly get by just fine without replacing a tooth or a few teeth that are missing. But in the long run, there are some compelling reasons why you should replace missing teeth with the top solution for doing so: dental implants. Take a look at reasons why you should replace even a single missing tooth with a dental implant and then check out alternative solutions.

Reason One: Protect Other Teeth

When you lose a tooth, the workload for biting and chewing gets spread around to the remaining teeth. Replacing a missing tooth, especially several missing teeth, can help lessen the wear and tear on healthy teeth.

Reason Three: Easier Maintenance

Even after the extraction site heals after having a tooth pulled, the socket the tooth once set in can turn into an incubator for gum disease without added diligence in your oral health routine. Food particles often get stuck in gum flaps and sockets that once held teeth in place. As those food particles break down, they turn into the sticky bacterial goop known as “plaque” and cause gum disease.

Reason Two: Preserve Jawbone

There are a number of causes of bone loss in the jawbone, ranging from age to chronic health issues. One of the top causes of tooth loss, whether the teeth are lost through decay or extraction.

Healthy teeth keep the jawbones stimulated through chewing. But once a tooth is lost, that area of the jawbone no longer receives the stimulation from chewing and the jawbone begins to decay as a result. Because dental implants act like the roots of natural teeth, they stimulate the jawbone when you chew with them.


If you’re not especially at risk of bone loss, your dentist may recommend a dental bridge or a partial denture as an option to replace a single tooth or a few neighboring teeth.

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