Published: 09/10/2018

A large number of Americans will lose at least one adult tooth. In fact, approximately seven percent of Americans will lose one adult tooth by the time they are 17 due to decay. It is vital to replace these missing teeth immediately because there is an array of health and lifestyle problems that will develop otherwise.

Facial Structure Changes

Your teeth affect your facial appearance far beyond your smile. Your jawbone relies on the stimulation provided by the roots of teeth to remain resilient. Without that stimulation, part of the jawbone resorbs back into the body, which can create a shrunken appearance in the face. People will look older due to a more sunken mouth and wrinkled lips. Additional problems that can come up include malocclusions and edentulism.

Speech Problems

When gaps form in your smile, your speech patterns can be negatively impacted. Depending on where exactly the gap is located, pronouncing certain words may become more difficult. Some people will make whistling sounds when trying to sound out words.

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Difficulty Chewing

Additionally, missing even a couple teeth can make it substantially harder to chew certain foods. You may not be as efficient in grinding, shredding and tearing up food. Consuming meat as well as fibrous fruits and vegetables becomes an immense challenge. Many people with missing teeth become more reliant on processed foods, which tend to be less healthy.

Tooth Movement

Another major problem with gaps is that they encourage the other teeth to shift. When teeth move, there is a greater risk of gum disease and tooth decay. An adult may require orthodontics later in life to correct this.

Replace Any Missing Teeth You Have Right Away

The office of Dr. Vikram Gandhi provides several services for filling in any gaps in a smile. Our periodontist in Garland, TX will work hard to ensure you retain all the functionality of your mouth. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to discuss dental implants.

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