Published: 01/29/2020

dental implants Garland tx

Dental implants deliver on much of their promise, restoring both functions and aesthetics to a smile that has missing or failing teeth. Yet, dental implants are the best solution for everyone who has lost most of their teeth. There are some key requirements for being a strong candidate for dental implants. Take a look at what it takes to be a strong candidate for dental implants and then learn what procedures might help improve your candidacy.

Good Oral Health

You won’t need to have impeccable oral health, but a healthy mouth makes for a much stronger candidate for dental implants.

There to primary areas of the mouth your dentist will assess to weigh your candidacy for dental implants:

The gums – gum disease is one of the top causes of tooth loss. So if you haven’t already, you’ll need to get gum disease under control before you get dental implants

The jawbone – dental implants need sturdy jawbone in order to provide reliable support. Tooth loss, age, chronic health issues and many other factors can cause the jawbone to deteriorate. However, a bone graft could improve your candidacy if you’ve experienced significant bone loss in the jaws.

Good Overall Health

While you wait for your dental implants to heal, you’ll be especially susceptible to infections. If you have a weakened or otherwise compromised immune system, you may need to start taking or increasing your intake of antibiotics.

Dedication to Better Oral Health

It’ll take the better part of a year, or more, to reach the finish line of your journey to dental implants. So you’ll need to be dedicated to the process in order to give yourself the best chance of long-term success with your dental implants and replacement teeth. With proper care and regular check-ins with your dentist, your dental implants could last you the rest of your life.

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