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Establishing a Healthy Gum Line for a Gorgeous Smile

Overgrown or red, inflamed gum tissue is often the result of factors like gum disease, certain medications and genetics. A “gummy smile” not only makes teeth appear shorter, it can also harbor disease-causing bacteria, keeping you from enjoying a healthy, vibrant smile. Dr. Vikram Gandhi and Dr. Harvey can reestablish a balanced tooth-gum-ratio with an easy, effective procedure known as a gingivectomy.


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47.2 percent

Number of Americans that have periodontitis*(source:

64.7 million

Number of Adults 30 and older have periodontitis *(source:

50 percent

Number of American adults that suffer from gum disease *(source:

Preserving Gum Health With a Gingivectomy

A gingivectomy entails the gentle, precise removal of excess gum tissue around the teeth. If gum tissue overgrowth is threatening your oral health, a gingivectomy may be the ideal solution for returning harmony to the oral environment. This common periodontal procedure reduces areas in which harmful plaque and bacteria hide, affording you greater access to the hard-to-reach spaces between your teeth and gums when brushing and flossing.

A Gingivectomy Delivers an Even, Balanced Gum Line

When performing a gingivectomy, Dr. Gandhi ensures your comfort by thoroughly numbing the treatment sites and carefully recontouring the shape of your gum line. Of course, such a procedure not only improves your state of periodontal health, but your confidence receives a boost as well with the positive changes that occur in appearance and the length of teeth showing when you laugh or smile.

Benefits of Receiving a Gingivectomy

  • Reduction in periodontal pocket depths
  • Elimination of diseased gum tissue
  • Balanced, even smile line
  • More effective homecare techniques
  • Healthier oral environment
  • Improved self-confidence

From Periodontal Health to Smile Enhancement

Dr. Gandhi is a Board Certified Periodontist specializing in a number of periodontal procedures. For instance, crown lengthening is a similar service he performs for dramatic gum health improvement and esthetic enhancement. No matter your periodontal needs, you can count on Dr. Gandhi and our friendly, experienced team to deliver the treatment you deserve for the smile of a lifetime. Contact us today to learn more about gingivectomy treatment today.

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