Published: 01/31/2020

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Bleeding gums, shifting teeth, gum recession and other symptoms of advanced gum disease can scare anyone to finally get their oral health back on track. Those dealing with periodontitis, advanced gum disease, may have been told by their dentist that a “deep cleaning” could help them stabilize your oral health. So what is a deep cleaning? Take a look at what a deep cleaning entails and find out how it can help restore your dental health.

What’s a Deep Cleaning

Also known as scaling and root planing, a deep cleaning is an advanced teeth cleaning procedure that target tartar buildup below the gum line. The process clears away the tartar and decay to stop the spread of gum disease.

When plaque hardens, it creates tartar – a hard, yellowish substance that hardens onto the teeth. Tartar buildup can create pockets of space between the roots of teeth and the gums. These pockets become breeding grounds for bacteria and can spawn infections that can eat away at the teeth and gums.

How a Deep Cleaning works

A deep cleaning is done in two primary parts:

Scaling – this procedure entails pulling back the gums to access the roots of the teeth and then using a dental scaler to remove tartar from the roots.

Root planing – after scaling, your dentist will smooth over the surfaces of the roots so that the gums adhere to the roots uniformly. Root planing helps eliminate or reduce the depth of the bacterial pockets created by tartar.


For many people, it only takes one appointment of scaling and root planing to get control over gum disease and get their oral health back on track. For those who ignore the signs of advanced gum disease, it may require a series of deep cleaning, spread out over months, to get gum disease back under control. This is known as periodontal maintenance.

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