Published: 12/18/2019

Too much gum, not enough teeth – if you’ve thought this to yourself as you looked at a picture of yourself, you may have overgrown gums. Gum disease and even some medications can inflame the gums and cause them to take away real estate in your smile from those pearly whites. But an experienced periodontist in Dallas, TX can treat your inflamed gums so that they look more natural. Take a look at what a periodontist can do to fix your gummy smile.

What’s a Gingivectomy?

A gingivectomy is a straightforward, yet impact approach to reducing gum overgrowth. After a dose of a local anesthetic is administered to numb the mouth, a scalpel or a dental laser is used to carefully trim away the disease, inflamed areas of the gums along the gum line.

Once the infected tissue has been removed, the periodontist will stitch the gums back in place, if a scalpel was used, and will pack a compress onto the area to help with healing.

Once healed, the gum line will look much more natural and the teeth will no longer look short and stubby.

What Are the Benefits of a Gingivectomy?

Improved esthetics are just one of the many reasons why a gingivectomy is such a beneficial procedure. These are some of the other reasons:

Rids the gumline of diseased tissues

Gets rid of the bacterial pockets gum disease creates between the teeth and gums

Preserves the health of areas of the gums

Promotes overall oral health, stopping gum disease from doing further damage to the teeth and gums

Helps people feel more confident


While the procedure is quick and straightforward, you’ll still have to go through a healing period that typically lasts someone around a month.

It’s also important to keep in mind that, while a gingivectomy offers a fresh start, you’ll still need to elevate your oral health in order to prevent the problem from returning.

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