Published: 12/15/2016

Patients with gum disease often lose a significant amount of gum tissue, leaving the root of the tooth exposed and at the risk for further decay or loss. Fortunately, Dr. Vikram Gandhi is an expert periodontist who offers several treatments for gum tissue loss, including some minimally-invasive options.

AlloDerm is one treatment option with many benefits, and Dr. Gandhi has dedicated his time to researching and practicing the Allen Technique with AlloDerm. This minimally invasive technique offers many benefits to patients, including minimal pain and a quick recovery time in most cases. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about AlloDerm:

How Does AlloDerm Work?

Whereas a traditional gum graft involves taking tissue from the other places in the patient’s mouth, AlloDerm actually uses donated skin tissue. Scientists remove the epidermis and other cells that can cause tissue rejection and the tissue is grafted right onto the patient’s gums. This tissue stimulates the body’s mechanism to regenerate new tissue to create a full and healthy gum line.

Is AlloDerm Safe?

All the donated tissue for AlloDerm comes from tissue banks with extremely strict safety standards. AlloDerm has been used safely for over 20 years on more than one million patients.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

Dr. Gandhi utilizes local anesthesia during the procedure to keep the patient comfortable and makes minimal incisions in the areas of the gums that receive the tissue. Multiple sites can be treated in a single visit with immediate cosmetic results. Dr. Gandhi rehydrates and trims the AlloDerm grafting tissue to fit the patient’s mouth and sutures the grafts in place.

How Difficult Is Recovery?

One of the best things about AlloDerm is the minimal standard recovery time. Dr. Gandhi may give patients medication to reduce postoperative pain and inflammation, as well as a mouthwash to keep the surgical site clean. Most patients find recovery to be quick with only minor pain.

If you have severe gum recession, AlloDerm can offer many benefits. Contact our office for a personal consultation with Dr. Gandhi to learn if AlloDerm is the right treatment for you.

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