Published: 11/08/2019

pinhole surgical technique dallas tx

Often times, a gum graft is the most effective way to restore a mouth that’s ravaged by gum disease and is experiencing severe gum recession. Yet, the prospect of oral surgery can scare some people away from getting treatment altogether. However, there’s a minimally invasive solution that you’ll find offered by an experienced periodontist. Get to know the pinhole surgical technique and learn how it can restore your gums, without the need for cutting and stitching.

A Traditional Gum Graft

To better appreciate some of the more advanced solutions from treating receding gums, it will help to examine the conventional approach to gum grafting. This approach entails taking soft tissue from another area of the mouth, most commonly the roof of the mouth. The graft will be structured into the areas where the gums have receded.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique

One of the least invasive solutions for treating gum recession, the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique entails stretching existing gums to cover areas they once covered – before the began to recede. Using a hole about the size of a pinhole, your oral surgeon will carefully extend the gums back over the roots of your teeth.

The earlier you seek treatment for receding gums, the more likely you’ll find this option available to you.

The Allen Technique

Another minimally invasive approach for treating receding gums, the Allen Technique entails creating a thin tunnel in the gums and inserting donor material into it. When inserted into the tunnel, the donor material pushing the gums upward – back over the tooth roots they once covered.

Like the Pinhole Surgical Technique, the sooner you seek treatment for receding gums the better chance the Allen Technique will be a viable option for you. Once the recession has gone too far, the best treatment solution will likely be a conventional gum graft.

More on Periodontal Treatment and the Pinhole Surgical Technique

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