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No Cut, No Sew Laser Gum Surgery

Are you concerned about undergoing osseous surgery to treat your gum disease? Dr. Vikram Gandhi, our board-certified and skilled periodontist, and our team are now certified to offer LANAP® in Garland, TX. Without scalpels or incisions, they can treat your gum disease and restore health to your smile. LANAP is a revolutionary laser dentistry protocol that uses a sophisticated dental laser to treat mild to advanced cases of gum disease. In fact, it’s the first and only laser technique FDA-cleared for the treatment of gum disease. At Dr. Gandhi’s practice, you can choose to receive this alternative gum disease treatment option and undergo a significantly better treatment experience.

LANAP® - Garland, TX

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Over 47 percent of U.S. adults aged 30 years and older have periodontal disease, which is the primary cause of tooth loss in adults.

*(Source: Https://Www.Cdc.Gov/Oralhealth/Periodontal_disease/; Https://Www.Nidcr.Nih.Gov/Research/Data-Statistics/Adults)

How LANAP Treats Gum Disease

Gum disease is an infection of the gum tissues. When bacterial plaque that has been left to harden into calculus on the teeth above and below the gumline it can cause this harmful condition. Symptoms of gum disease include swollen gums that bleed easily, persistent bad breath, gum recession [link to gum grafting page], loose teeth, and in advanced cases even tooth loss.

The PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser specifically designed for LANAP treatment uses a pulsed wavelength of laser light to eradicate these diseased tissues and bacteria without harming healthy tissues. Unlike conventional osseous surgery and other dental lasers, treatment with LANAP is proven to be incredibly precise at eliminating bacteria and infection, and can even stimulate the regeneration of new tissues after creating a healthy blood clot at the surgical site. An expert in gum disease treatment with osseous surgery, Dr. Gandhi chooses to be certified in LANAP gum laser treatment to ensure our patients are receiving the most advanced and comfortable periodontal procedures.

The Benefits of LANAP Gum Disease Treatment

LANAP gum disease treatment has numerous benefits when compared to osseous surgery and other scalpel-based procedures. For patients nervous about surgery, LANAP provides a comfortable alternative so they can receive necessary treatment. By eliminating bacteria and restoring proper oral health, patients reduce their risk for systemic problems associated with the infection from gum disease.


Patients can experience the following additional advantages from LANAP Gum Disease Treatment:

  • Less pain, bleeding, and swelling
  • More comfortable, efficient surgery
  • No downtime after treatment
  • Healthy, accelerated healing
  • Better overall surgical outcomes

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