Published: 08/22/2019

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Your dentist will leave you detailed instructions for caring for your dental implants after they’ve been surgically placed. But if you haven’t gotten that far and are still considering dental implants, knowing what you’ll need to do to care for you new dental implants can help you in weighing whether implants are right for you or not. So take a look at what steps you’ll need to take in the days following your dental implant surgery.

In the Days Following Your Procedure

There will be swelling, tenderness and bleeding at the implant site at first. The bleeding should subside in about 24 hours, so you’d certainly want to contact your dentist if, in the rare case, your bleeding lasts longer.

These are some of the things your dentist will recommend to help you manage to the bleeding, tenderness and swelling at the implant site in the days immediately following your procedure:

  • Ice it – applying ice to the implant area is a great way to keep inflammation down.
  • OTC painkillers – common painkillers like over-the-counter Ibuprofen should be taken every few hours to mask the pain as your implants heal. Should you find the pain unbearable still, your dentist may prescribe a stronger painkiller for you.
  • Gauze – you’ll be given gauze to cover the implant site and to help form the blood clots necessary for the healing process to begin. Just biting down on the gauze, and keeping it fresh, will help keep healing on track.
  • Rest – get plenty of rest after your procedure. Rest promotes healing and makes you better able to fight off bacteria.
  • Antibiotics – take antibiotics to prevent bacteria from infesting the implant site. This is especially important if you have a compromised immune system.
  • Brush and rinse – brush as normal, but be extra gentle at the implant site and follow your dentist’s instruction for rinsing with the oral antiseptic they’ll send you home with.

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