Published: 06/06/2019

gum disease and dental implants

If you suffer from any stage of gum disease, you are far from alone. However, just because the issue is widespread, that does not mean you should not seek treatment. Leaving gum disease untreated not only lets the disease progress, but it could make it more difficult to get other dental treatment. Dr. Vikram Gandhi and the team at Firewheel Dental Implants & Periodontics offer many different services, including dental implants to help those with missing teeth. But if you are suffering from gum disease, can you get dental implants?

Gum Disease Makes Getting an Implant Riskier

Periodontitis, another name for the disease, is a buildup of bacteria on the teeth and the gums. Without treatment, it only spreads and gets worse. Eventually, it can lead to a receding gum line and put the teeth at risk of falling out. If you get an implant when your gums are infected, it puts the implant at a much higher risk of failure or even additional problems.

The Infection Needs Treating First

If you are currently suffering from gum disease but also wish to get dental implants, then your first step should be treating the infection. Dr. Gandhi can help treat your mouth and come up with a plan to combat the disease and get your mouth back to a healthy state. This means you will need to commit to a good oral hygiene routine at home as well.

Success Starts With a Clean Mouth

You would not want a surgeon to perform surgery with dirty hands. In that same line of thinking, you do not want to have a surgery performed in your mouth if your mouth is already infected. To help your dental implant procedure have the highest rate of success, you should make sure any gum disease is treated first.

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