Published: 08/23/2019

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Most people dealing with tooth loss don’t wake up one day and notice their quality of life has been dramatically diminished.  The impact of tooth and gum decay slowly erodes your life – making it harder and harder to chew, harder and harder to smile, harder and harder to speak with the same clarity and enunciation you once did.

While the entire process of getting dental implants can take months, it’ll feel like night and day before and after dental implant surgery. One day, you’ll walk into the dentist’s office for a few hours and then leave with your quality of life dramatic restored.

Take a closer look at this turning point and find out what you should know ahead of getting there with dental implants.

Dental Implant Surgery Won’t Be Painful

At first, it might sound like dental implant surgery just might be one of the most painful experiences of your life. Your dentist will need to make an incision in your gums to access the bone underneath, they’ll need to drill into that bone and then insert your dental implant posts into them.

However, local anesthesia mutes any pain you’d otherwise feel. Beyond a mild amount of pressure from your dentist’s tools, you won’t feel anything that could be reasonably described as painful.

The Success Rate Is High

Digital imaging and planning solutions have improved to the point that the 95 percent success rate the dental industry proudly touted years ago has now risen to 98 percent for dental practices that specialize in dental implants.

Your Dentist Can Increase Your Chances of Success

Many people who’ve enjoyed long-term success with dental implants weren’t great candidates for the procedure at first. But with the ability to graft bone into decayed areas of the jaw and to make space in the mouth for new teeth, via a sinus lift, your local dentist can offer several supporting procedures that can make you a strong candidate for dental implants.

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