With Dental Implants, the Possibilities Are Limitless

Each day, millions of Americans face the difficulty of tooth loss. When left untreated, its effects certainly impact health and well-being, self-confidence and even professional endeavors. However, dentistry today offers an excellent, long-term solution to tooth replacement with dental implants. Whether you are missing one tooth, several teeth or an entire arch, Dr. Vikram Gandhi can return full function to your smile with customized, versatile implant dentistry services.

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98 percent

of tooth implant placement procedures are successful *(source: http://www.aaid.com/about/press_room/dental_implants_faq.html)


Projected number of patients choosing dental implants for tooth replacement *(source: http://www.aaid.com/about/press_room/dental_implants_faq.html)


Number of American adults missing one or more teeth *(source: http://www.gotoapro.org/facts-figures/)

What is a Dental Implant?

  • Replacing a Single Tooth
    An individual implant and custom crown is the treatment of choice for replacing a single missing tooth. The implant and crown replacement solution does not require that neighboring teeth be cut down to support your tooth replacement, such as with a traditional dental bridge. Replacing a single tooth with a tooth implant is presently the standard of care in dentistry, and may be the ideal solution to restore function and beauty to your smile.
  • Replacing Several Teeth
    Implants are an excellent solution for addressing multiple missing teeth, and provide unparalleled stability over traditional bridge and denture options. If you are missing several consecutive teeth, you may need an implant supported bridge, where two or more tooth implants support a natural-looking bridge spanning the space of your missing teeth. In addition, an implant supported removable appliance, either a denture or partial denture, can be made with enhanced stability to address more extensive or full arch tooth loss. Preparatory procedures like sinus modification or ridge augmentation may be necessary for tooth implant success if the bony foundation will not adequately support implant placement.

Experience and Knowledge You Can Trust

We understand that choosing implants to replace your missing teeth is a big decision, and want you to feel confident in knowing your Board Certified Periodontist has the education, training and experience necessary to return the ultimate in form and function to your smile. As an active lecturer for Baylor University dental students, Dr. Gandhi has the esteemed pleasure of passing on his knowledge and experience in advanced procedures like dental implants, the All-on-4® technique, Teeth-in-a-Day™ services, sinus lift procedures and various other periodontal treatments.

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